03.01.08 – CitiScape Property Management Group, LLC Offers Project Management


March 1, 2008
CitiScape Property Management Group, LLC Offers Project Management

(San Francisco, CA) — CitiScape Property Management Group reports the launch of its Project Management Department, offering a variety of services focused on repairing, maintaining and advancing the status of its client’s assets. Services include forensic investigative matters, construction management, crisis management and government and community relations. Throughout, CitiScape’s Project Management functions are to collect information, evaluate, define, communicate, facilitate and serve as the client’s advocate. CitiScape’s Senior Project Manager, Mark Owens, reports “The Project Management Department primarily engages in activities which are outside or beyond the parameters of the Property Manager (as established in the Management Contract), or in activities that may detract the Property Manager from fulfilling their role as a director of operations for the property. Such projects may include building envelope investigations and repairs, water loss events, insurance claims and more.” CitiScape President Kevin Wiley notes that “The Project Management process reflects assignments that are delegated through the Senior Project Manager. Upon assignment the Project Manager will contact the client (Board), introduce him/herself, summarize the project and establish a method forward, such as engaging experts, defining scopes, establishing costs, selecting vendors, paying invoices and tracking costs”, he said. Also included in the process is an established means of Board communications to update, answer queries and seek direction on each step forward; it is the Project Manager’s responsibility to accurately inform the Board and then facilitate their directions. Further, throughout the projects entirety, the Project Manager will serve as the communication hub between the vendors, the Association and its membership; this is paramount for projects involving crisis management, such as water loss events. Kevin advises that “CitiScape’s Project Management Department is a supplemental opportunity for our clients to advance their communities by utilizing our in-house industry experts who are familiarly versed on its client’s needs, history and culture.

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