CitiScape’s Life Safety Department is Locked and Loaded!

CitiScape’s Terri Quile and Frank Villanueva attended The Phoenix Society of San Francisco‘s Firefighter of the Year Award Banquet honoring Captain Fred Walsh on June 18 at the Spanish Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Walsh has joined our Project Management team (along with retired Assistant Deputy Chief – Fire Marshall Paul Chin), both 33 years on the SFFD force, and together will lead our Life Safety Department.

The Life Safety Department will offer programs specifically designed for both fully-staffed high-rise buildings, as well as unstaffed condominium and apartment buildings. The aim of the programs is fire prevention and minimizing loss of life and property damage in the event of a fire, medical emergency or natural disaster.
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The Phoenix Society of San Francisco
P.O. Box 31847
San Francisco, CA 94131

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