11.03.09 – CitiScape Property Management and San Francisco Village Launch Program to Help CitiScape Members Age at Home


November 3, 2009
New Program Helps Older San Franciscans Stay Independent –
CitiScape Property Management and San Francisco Village Launch Program to Help CitiScape Members Age at Home

(San Francisco, CA) — CitiScape Property Management Group and San Francisco Village have created a new program for older adults living in the 5,000 San Francisco apartment and condominium units managed by CitiScape. This first-of-its-kind partnership provides social activities to prevent isolation and access to services that enable independent living, including delivered meals, transportation to medical appointments, routine checks on personal welfare, and assistance for many other services—all with a single phone call.

According to the U.S. Census, 110,000 San Francisco residents (14.5% of the population) are over the age of 65. This group faces increasing challenges as they age, forcing many to move out of the City and into senior living facilities or the homes of their children. However, an AARP survey showed that 89% of older Americans prefer to live at home as long as possible. This new program is designed to provide the support that CitiScape’s older members need to stay in their San Francisco homes.

The development of the program was prompted by the growing needs of the 900+ older people living in buildings managed by CitiScape. Ed Dale, Co-Founder and Vice President of CitiScape explains, “Over the last five years, our traditional role of fixing plumbing problems and leaking roofs has evolved. We now get a large number of unusual calls, including from older residents asking for services that fall well outside the usual property management area of expertise and from adult children who live outside of San Francisco asking us to check on their parents.”

Kevin Wiley, Co-Founder and President of CitiScape added, “It’s always been part of our company culture to do our best to solve our members’ problems, whatever they are. But this was new territory for us. Our two-year search for a solution led us to San Francisco Village because they’ve already built the organization and infrastructure to solve these problems for their existing members in San Francisco.”

Eva Auchincloss, a Co-Founder of San Francisco Village and Secretary of the Board, negotiated the strategic relationship with CitiScape. She said, “San Francisco Village was formed specifically to address the types of concerns that CitiScape’s older residents have. Our current members range in age from 60 to 90, and we help them with almost anything they need, such as arranging transportation to the Symphony, finding a reliable person to water their plants while they are traveling, identifying a reliable home health care assistant, and much more.”

CitiScape and San Francisco Village will work together to provide a comprehensive set of services for CitiScape’s members. This new partnership includes five key elements:

* San Francisco Village will offer its new CitiScape members a free, comprehensive in-home assessment. This assessment will identify the types of services each member needs, including an evaluation of their transportation needs, social activities of interest, volunteer opportunities, long term planning to remain active participants in their communities, and any physical changes to their personal living space that would improve their comfort and safety.

* CitiScape will assist in the assessment of individual members’ units and make specific recommendations for physical improvements, such as better lighting, hand rails, and modifications to the bathroom and kitchen. CitiScape will also provide pre-screened contractors to offer cost estimates for the work needed.

* CitiScape will provide its members with a single phone number to call for all services, whether they are calling for a unit-maintenance issue or for other assistance that will be provided by San Francisco Village.

* CitiScape will actively promote membership in San Francisco Village to its older members in San Francisco.

* Over the next six months (until April 30, 2010), San Francisco Village will offer CitiScape’s members a 13-month membership for the same price as their normal 12-month membership ($600 for an individual; $750 for a couple).

About CitiScape Property Management Group
Since CitiScape began in 1999, it has grown from a two-person operation to a current staff of 95 managers, administrative, accounting, building engineering and service employees, growing at a rate of 10%-15% per year over that span. CitiScape currently manages condominium and apartment homes in the Bay Area, as well as a portfolio of commercial and apartment buildings through its commercial brokerage subsidiary, FogCiti Real Estate, Inc.

About San Francisco Village
Launched in January of 2009, San Francisco Village is a non-profit membership organization with its mission to increase the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of older adults who choose to remain in their homes as they age so that they can remain independent, active, and engaged in the San Francisco community. It is modeled after Beacon Hill Village that began in Boston over 7 years ago. Currently there are over 100 Villages currently operating or being started in the United States.

Press Contacts:
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SF Village – Gayle Uchida
T: (415) 387-1375

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