San Francisco Goes Green in a Big Way

San Francisco Goes Green in a Big Way
By Howard Bell

San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan has ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals: a 20 percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2012. To meet these goals, each person who lives or works in San Francisco will need to cut almost 2 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The city program has set a mid-term goal of 10% by 2010.

Rather than dissect the forward of the plan which is now available on line, I wanted to tip my hat some of the organizations and business people who are on the active edge of creating a clean and healthy place to live.

In keeping with shameless plugs for those forward looking business leaders that are already on board, I had a conversation with Kevin Wiley, a co-founder and President of CitiScape Property Management Group. Kevin has a designated Green Team whose job it is to reduce the carbon footprint using energy conservation, recycling, waste reduction, introducing green product implementations, and encouraging awareness. CitiScape is bringing a green awareness to its HOA’s as it spreads the word. I think it would be a powerful thrust for the Mayor’s program if all boards and HOA’s require their business contacts be green and carbon neutral.

Business Leaders: The city will need to capture the interest of the business community to adopt a carbon neutral way of doing business. Consider joining the Certified Green Building Professionals. Build It Green offers an intensive green building training program for key stakeholders including builders, architects, contractors, affordable housing advocates, real estate professionals. 

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