09.29.10 – CitiScape Property Management Group Announces Major Expansion of Partnership with San Francisco Village


September 29, 2010
Aging in Place – CitiScape Announces Major Expansion of Partnership with San Francisco Village – New programs help older San Franciscans stay independent at home

(San Francisco, CA) — CitiScape Property Management Group and San Francisco Village today announced a major expansion of their ten-month-old partnership that provides the full benefits of San Francisco Village membership to all older adults living in the 5,000-plus San Francisco apartment and condominium units managed by CitiScape. This new agreement creates free membership to San Francisco Village for any and all CitiScape residents, and provides expert aging-services training and technical assistance to all CitiScape staff. CitiScape is making a financial investment to secure aging in place as a sustainable option.

This first-of-its-kind program provides the older residents of CitiScape-managed buildings with social activities to prevent isolation and access to essential services that enable independent living. These services include delivered meals, transportation to medical appointments, routine checks on personal well-being, and assistance for many other services—all with a single phone call to San Francisco Village. CitiScape staff will receive ongoing professional training and technical assistance on how to make CitiScape communities good places for older adults to thrive.

According to the U.S. Census, 110,000 San Francisco residents (14.5% of the population) are over the age of 65. This group faces increasing challenges as they age, forcing many to move out of the City and into senior living facilities or the homes of their children. However, an AARP survey showed that 89% of older Americans prefer to live at home as long as possible. This new program is designed to provide the support that CitiScape’s older members need to stay in their San Francisco homes.

The development of the program was prompted by the growing needs of the more than 900 older people living in buildings managed by CitiScape. Kevin Wiley, Co-Founder and President of CitiScape, explained, “Expanding our already successful partnership with SF Village to include every eligible resident living in a CitiScape-managed building is a one-of-a-kind solution to address the ever growing demands placed on management to be a resource for this aging demographic.”

Ed Dale, Co-Founder and Vice President of CitiScape, added, “Condo communities are well-designed to work with the village model because of the close physical proximity and the natural sense of community. Our staff is often the first line of intervention when there’s a need or crisis, so we want them well-equipped to help out our residents.”

Christabel Cheung, MSW, Executive Director of San Francisco Village, negotiated the strategic relationship with CitiScape. She says, “San Francisco Village is a city-wide group of neighbors who have come together to share resources and coordinate support that helps older residents put off assisted living for as long as comfortably possible. Our villagers do for each other, what good family members would do if they lived nearby.”

About CitiScape Property Management Group
Since CitiScape began in 1999, it has grown from a two person operation to a current staff of 120 property managers, administrative, accounting, building engineers and service employees, growing at a rate of 10%-15% per year over that span. CitiScape currently manages 5,545 condominium homes in the Bay Area, as well as a portfolio of commercial and apartment buildings through its commercial brokerage subsidiary, FogCiti Real Estate, Inc.

About San Francisco Village
Launched in January 2009, San Francisco Village (SFV) is an innovative nonprofit membership organization that enables residents to live healthy, safe and active lives in their own homes as they age by offering a network of enriching programs, social activities and pre-screened referrals to essential support services. As part of the national “village movement” for aging in community begun by Beacon Hill Village in Boston, SFV is dedicated to building community and connection for better aging in people’s own homes and communities.

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