One Warm Coat: A National Effort Meeting Local Needs

CitiScape has organized a One Warm Coat drive this holiday season on behalf of Hunter’s Point Youth and the San Francisco Housing Authority Family Self-Sufficiency Program.


One Warm Coat started out in 1992 as a Thanksgiving Weekend coat drive in San Francisco. 
Since then, more than 1 Million coats have been donated in thousands of local communities across North America. Each coat drive has the same intent — to collect coats that will be GIVEN to those in need.
Many people play a part in One Warm Coat – those who clean their closet to donate coats; those who organize a coat drive in their community; and the volunteers and staff at social service agencies who distribute the coats.
  • One Warm Coat is a simple, easy way to help those in need within local communities.
  • One Warm Coat provides tools and resources to help volunteers in the collection of clean, reusable coats for donation to individuals.
  • One Warm Coat strives to develop and nurture volunteerism in all of us. 
To learn more about One Warm Coat, visit:

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