Snow? In San Francisco?

 With severe weather and mentions of possible snow fall in the Bay Area this weekend, here’s an interesting article about what HOA’s can do to guard against natural disasters.

How HOA’s Can Protect Themselves from Natural Disasters

Mother Nature always has a way of making her presence felt throughout the year, whether it is the intense heat of the summer or the record breaking cold we experienced this fall, and homeowners associations need to be prepared for the worst possible scenarios that may affect the community.  This is especially important for townhome and condominium associations that have the responsibility of maintaining and insuring the homes within the community.

Too often, board members rely on their management company to ensure they have the appropriate insurance coverage on the community, and just as often when we begin working with a new company we quickly realize that the insurance has not been reviewed, rebid, or adjusted in any way for years.  Insurance is extremely important and too often overlooked as just another bill, rather than considered a priority that should be reviewed any time capital improvements are done in the community or at least annually.

If you are working with an insurance agent that has experience in the HOA industry they will be able to provide some guidance on coverage to ensure it is adequate and meets the requirements of the community’s declarations, but it is important that additional measures are taken to ensure protection against natural disasters on top of the standard insurance coverage.  There is no true way for a community to prepare for a natural disaster, Mother Nature strikes without warning sometimes and there is often little that can be done other than to carry the proper insurance coverage to protect the property.  If you have not had an insurance review completed in the last year it is strongly encouraged that you look into having this done so you can have the peace of mind knowing you are protected.

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