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Who Knew?

Nice to meet you, Jasmine!

Nice to meet you, Jasmine! Meet Jasmine Del Chiaro, CitiScape’s Business Development Manager, who works behind the scenes on the “look and feel” of CitiScape and keeps us up-to-date with the goings-on around the office and the community with the CitiScape Scoop… I’m most inspired by…•Successful entrepreneurs, people that take risks with their ideas and… Read More »

This Just In: SF Giants’ Cody Ross is Newest Member of CitiScape’s Accounting Team

Just kidding. Here’s CitiScape’s Jose Cruz (left) with World Champion SF Giants’ Outfielder Cody Ross.

Dressed to Impress

Knock ’em dead, guys! (left to right: Ed Dale, Kevin Wiley, Robert Simms and Wayne Lee)

Get the Lowdown on High-Efficiency Toilets

High-Efficiency Toilets — Key to Water Conservation Efficient plumbing fixtures will continue to play an important role in the SFPUC’splans to meet conservation requirements and deliver a reliable water supply for future generations. Rebate incentives are available for the purchase of high efficiency toilets which use 60-80% less water than older water-guzzling models. Effective July… Read More »

Water Damage – Six Helpful Tips

Water damage is not the only issue that can cause unanticipated maintenance and big repair bills. In condominiums, it is the leading cause of interior damages. Whether it’s water leaking in from the outside through windows, siding or old roofs or the result of a plumbing problem, water travels. The further it goes, the more… Read More »

Nice to meet you, Patricia!

Nice to meet you, Patricia! CitiScape fans, meet Patricia Prado. She’s CitiScape’s Director of First Impressions (aka Front Desk) warmly welcoming everyone who passes through our doors and expeditiously answering and routing client calls. I’m most inspired by…Having a dream and watching my dream turn into reality. The five things I love/can’t live without… •… Read More » – Condo Building Information: Museum Parc – Condo Building Information: Museum Parc

Food for Thought: CitiScape’s Monthly Brown Bag Lunch Meetings

Did you know that CitiScape holds monthly Property Manager Meetings? Brown Bag Lunch meetings (or “BBL” as we call it ’round these parts) provide an opportunity to meet with fellow Managers around topics of mutual interest and are a great avenue for sharing information. The philosophy at CitiScape is that we are all a team,… Read More »

Heading to Haiti

On June 13th, one of CitiScape’s employees (she would like to remain anonymous) will be heading to Haiti to work with an organization called European Disaster Relief (EDR) to build schools for orphaned children of the 2010 earthquake, teach English and work to create jobs for the local population. It has been just over a… Read More »