Heading to Haiti

On June 13th, one of CitiScape’s employees (she would like to remain anonymous) will be heading to Haiti to work with an organization called European Disaster Relief (EDR) to build schools for orphaned children of the 2010 earthquake, teach English and work to create jobs for the local population. It has been just over a year and the situation on the ground is still tenuous at best. There are many still living in tents and numerous children living without clean water, sufficient food and a place to learn.

Please feel free to have a peak at some of the impressive work EDR, http://www.edvolunteers.org has been up to since the devastating blow of the January 2010 earthquake. EDR’s mission is to empower the Haitian people and leave in their stead, a foundation they can build on.

CitiScape is working to put together items to send with our Haiti-bound CitiScaper that tend to be a challenge to obtain in Haiti. If you may have a tool or two, computer or any number of other items on featured on the EDR Wish List that may be laying around that you no longer need or just simply wish to donate to a good cause, we would appreciate it. If there is nothing on this list in your possession, but are moved to help, please feel free to write a check out to European Disaster Relief. Your money will go to building schools for deserving children.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to drop donations at the Citiscape office.

Thank you for your time as a CitiScaper and thank you for being so selfless and giving back. We will miss you and we wish you the best! Please check in with us from time to time – we’d love to hear how you and the EDR team are doing!

EDR Wish List

Thanks so much for your interest in EDV and helping Haitian Earthquake survivors.
If you’d like to make an in kind donation there are various bits and bobs we always need. We’ve listed those here. Starred items (*) are our highest priority.
If you have an item that you think might be useful but it isn’t on this list, just email volunteer.haiti@EDVolunteers.org to find out if we can use it.

Office supplies including:
1. Ink for an HP DeskJet 1000. That ink has the following details: HP 61 (black or color) and is available for around $13 in Walmart (for US citizens)
2. Printer Paper
3. Notebooks
4. Money / Rent receipt book (which make 2-part receipts)*
5. Punched pockets/Plastic sleeves for ring binders
6. Blank CDs
7. USB memory sticks
8. Compressed air for cleaning computers and keyboards
9. Computer cleaning wipes

Children’s and Educational Items:
1. Used Laptops which can access the internet * (Best if they come with office installed)
2. Portable CD player (used to play English audio CDs in classes)
1. School supplies including
1. Notebooks
2. Folders
3. Any basic school supplies you can think of – recall your school days!
2. Projector *
3. Children’s vitamins
4. Children’s shoes
5. Books in French, French English dictionaries
6. Supplies useful for teaching English (E.G. flash cards, English language children’s books)
7. Footballs

Tools and Work Supplies:
Note: Second hand okay!! Removing packaging to make packing easier is also encouraged!

1. Climbing rope – the thin and strong one. Between 4-7mm thick. As much as possible (we’re using it to build playgrounds)
1. 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2 ½”, 3” and 4” Number 8 screws with Phillips or Square 2 heads. (even if you can just bring a few boxes!)***************
2. Screw tips for impact drivers/drills (Phillips head, No. 2, any length)
3. Gloves
4. Safety glasses
5. Rechargeable Batteries (For lanterns. Size D)
6. Rachet Tie Down (Home Depot Model: 04106)
7. 10 / 12 inch chopsaw (sliding / radial arm)
8. Good quality footpumps (non-electrical, for car tyres/wheelbarrow tyres; for air mattresses)
9. 4-ton Come-Along Cable Puller (Home Depot Model: TR8041)
10. Hammer Carpet Stapler (Home Depot Model: 501870W) and matching staples
11. Stanley 3-1/4 in. Line Level (Home Depot Model: 42-287) (at least 6 would be great!)
12. Polyseamseal 10 oz. Tub and Tile Sealant (Home Depot Model: 1422141) (at least 6 would be great!)
13. 20 or 22 inch hardpoint woodsaws

Things for our lovely new house (used or new, any styles or colours!)
1. Hammock
2. Large French Press for coffee in the morning**** – our big one broke recently 🙁
3. flat sheets, pillows and pillowcases
4. Bathmats
5. Tupperware or other sealed containers, any seizes and shapes
6. Spare towels

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