Water Damage – Six Helpful Tips

Water damage is not the only issue that can cause unanticipated maintenance and big repair bills. In condominiums, it is the leading cause of interior damages.

Whether it’s water leaking in from the outside through windows, siding or old roofs or the result of a plumbing problem, water travels. The further it goes, the more damage it does.

Report any dampness, water-staining or mildew smells to management immediately. Check your own plumbing fixtures once or twice a year to ensure they aren’t leaking. Bathroom tile and grout are additional areas of maintenance that require occasional maintenance and replacement. Avoid sink overflows by not putting grease or food down the drain. Most often overlooked and also the chief culprit of the worst water damage are plastic or rubber water lines to the laundry machine and the refrigerator. Rubber and plastic water lines crack and leak as they age and become brittle. Check these lines every six months and, where possible, replace the plastic lines with braided stainless steel hoses which rarely leak.

If you’ve had a water leak, report it to your Property Manager immediately. CitiScape has an after-hours hotline for maintenance emergencies, 415-487-3697. Water damage restoration companies operate 24-7 and can dispatch a team to respond to your water damage related issue immediately.

Keep these 6 tips handy:

1. Carry adequate homeowners insurance with both liability and property coverage.
2. Check ceilings, windows and floors regularly for dampness and staining during the rainy months.
3. Do not put anything down the sink drain that might cause a back-up.
4. Maintain and replace bathroom tile grout and caulking that shows signs of wear, perforation or separation.
5. Monitor plastic water lines to laundry and refrigerator and replace with stainless steel hoses for added protection.
6. Report all leaks to management immediately when discovered.

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