Happy 12th Anniversary, CitiScape!


“The 12th anniversary of CitiScape is a milestone in many ways, and the Partners are grateful to each and every one of you who continue to work hard and smart to help make CitiScape the  success that it is.

An interesting statistic that most folks are not aware of: the vast majority of businesses never get to have a 12th anniversary!  In fact, below is the failure rate for small businesses (under 500 employees):

First Year – 85% success
Second Year – 70% success
Third year – 62% success
Fourth Year – 55% success
Fifth Year 50% success
Sixth Year – 47% success
Seventh Year – 44% success
Eighth Year – 41% success
Ninth Year – 38% success
Tenth Year – 35% success
Eleventh Year – 29% success
Twelfth Year – 25% success

So, even though we’re in the worst economic time since the Great Depression, and only 1 in 4 businesses ever make it to their 12th anniversary in a good economy, CitiScape continues to grow, expand our disciplines (project management, copy center, aging-in-place, web presence, K-9 department), and leading our industry in innovation.  And with all of that success, when you drill down as to the why and how the company has been successful, it boils down to each of you, talented, professional, supportive of the team effort it takes, doing your jobs with honesty and integrity.

On behalf of Ed and Robert, I just want to say thanks, and there’s not a person on our staff that we wouldn’t walk on water for, you’re all our extended family!

– Kevin”


From The Desk of Kevin Wiley

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