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Clean Up Your Act

CitiScape is working with the powers that be to clean up the SOMA Grand / Federal Building area in San Francisco (check out the KRON 4 news story via YouTube). Is that Director of Residential Services, Lola Whittle, at the SOMA Grand front desk? Why, yes it is!

Nice to Meet You, Kris!

Meet Kristine Gaspar, Senior Property Accountant and Team Leader in CitiScape’s Accounting Department… I’m most inspired by… People who pursue their passion, whatever it may be. The five things I love/can’t live without…   1. My loved ones 2. Laughter 3. Music 4. Hot weather 5. Restaurants My creative outlet is…cosmetics; make up/ hair, fashion,… Read More »

Goats in the ‘Hood

                                    The View From CitiScape! Right outside of the CitiScape offices – literally across the street – goats are getting their graze on in a vacant, fenced-in overgrown lot! Read all about goat-based landscaping below. “City Grazing (hmm,… Read More »

Some Friday Funny: Regime Change

This just in: The Executive Team has decided it was time to make a change at the top, and bring in fresh ideas and perspective.  Starting Monday, July 18, CitiScape’s new CEO will be Micah William Weekes, heir to the throne (word is to try to get on his good side right away…smiles and giggles… Read More »

Special Delivery: Newest CitiScaper Makes His Debut

                                                                   Here’s a little peak at Jacob, the newest member of the CitiScape team! Proud mama Emmalou Gonzales worked until the very… Read More »

Prepare to be Smitten: New Ice Cream Shop in Hayes Valley

        Here’s the scoop on a cool, new ice cream shop (puns intended, sorry). The scoops of ice cream at Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley are made to order from scratch! “Every scoop is made right before your eyes, going from raw ingredients to finished ice cream in about a minute…. Read More »

Neighbor vs. Neighbor as Homeowner Fights Get Ugly

  In this June 15, 2011 photo, an empty park bench and rusting pipe sit near the swimming pool at the Inlet House, in Fort Pierce, Fla. The complex was an affordable place that the 55-and-older set aspired to. But now the Homeowner’s association has levied a $6,000 assessment on every homeowner and then foreclosed… Read More »

Some Friday Funny: Budget Season

                                                                              Budget season is coming…

07.1.11 – CitiScape Property Management Group Announces New Client – The Summit 999 Owner’s Association

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 1, 2011 CitiScape Property Management Group Announces New Client: The 999 Summit Owner’s Association SAN FRANCISCO, CA (July 1, 2011) CitiScape Property Management Group, a full-service property management firm offering professional and proactive management services in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, is proud to announce that The 999 Summit… Read More »