Prepare to be Smitten: New Ice Cream Shop in Hayes Valley





Here’s the scoop on a cool, new ice cream shop (puns intended, sorry). The scoops of ice cream at Smitten Ice Cream in Hayes Valley are made to order from scratch!

“Every scoop is made right before your eyes, going from raw ingredients to finished ice cream in about a minute. This means the freshest, most intensely flavorful ice cream you can imagine.

Over its first year, Smitten’s artisan ice cream and magic captivated foodie audiences at Bay Area festivals, corporate shindigs, and high-end events—garnering rave reviews and delighted bellies everywhere they went. Now, Smitten has parked its wagon in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley and transformed a recycled shipping container into an ice cream shop like you’ve never seen before.

Your favorite dessert just got better.  Prepare to be smitten.”

Check it out:

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