Goats in the ‘Hood



















The View From CitiScape!

Right outside of the CitiScape offices – literally across the street – goats are getting their graze on in a vacant, fenced-in overgrown lot! Read all about goat-based landscaping below.

City Grazing (hmm, “Citi Grazing” has a better nice ring to it, don’t you think?) is a San Francisco-based goat landscaping business. An environmentally friendly solution to weed control, our business rents out goats to clear public and private land. Whether you have acres or an overgrown backyard, our goats would be eager to eat your weeds and aid in fire prevention, naturally. While they are not out on the job, our herd lives on pasture in San Francisco’s Bayview district, between the SF Bay Railroad and cement recycling plant.

Goats grazing is an ecologically sound practice that eliminates the need for toxic herbicides, chemicals, and gas-powered lawn mowers. They clear brush in areas that people or machines cannot easily reach, like steep slopes or ditches.  The goats can help restore soil fertility by providing organic fertilizer.

No other form of weed control comes with such a great character! Our herd is very friendly, lively, and great with children. As we work around the city, City Grazing teaches about animal husbandry and ecological stewardship of industrial land. Our goats are available for birthday parties and educational visits at the railyard coming soon!”

Just another reason to love San Francisco!


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