Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner

Letters, we get letters,
We get stacks an’ stacks of letters . . .

From a Board President to the Association membership:

“As residents, we have the good fortune to have hard working and smart service providers. Their services include property management and maintenance (CitiScape), security (Guardsmark), janitorial (SuperClean) and landscaping (Gardeners’ Guild).

These service providers are not here by accident.  Boards over the past years have spent a great deal of time and thought reviewing the qualifications of service contractors, hiring those whom they thought would best fit the needs of our Association, assessing how well they were performing, and changing providers when they thought it necessary. None of these were simple or easy tasks.

Speaking for myself, and based on what I have learned about the workings of our Association over the 13 years that my wife and I have lived here, I think that we currently have the most professional and effective group of providers that we have had over those years, and, as important, a group that respects each others’ talents and space and therefore works smoothly with each other.”

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