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Happy Halloween!

Kristine Gaspar and Robert Simms (left to right) Capri Tate, Cris Benson, Robert Simms, Jasmine Del Chiaro, Emily Hemphill and Kristine Gaspar Mark Moreno and Jack Gallagher


ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS: We have four lovely cats in need of a new home! The cats are all healthy, from the same litter and they’re about 4 years old. They all get along great with humans, dogs, kids, etc. It would be ideal to adopt out two together, but won’t be picky for the right… Read More »

At Your Service…CitiConcierge

At Your Service…CitiConcierge CitiConcierge offers remote concierge services, which adds value to the community, increases the value of a property and makes it more competitive for resale. For more information about CitiConcierge, services and rates, click here.  And in the meantime, see below for the CitiConcierge weekly update!     Weekly Update | October 25,… Read More »

Nice to meet you, Emmalou!

Nice to meet you, Emmalou! Meet Emmalou Gonzales, Accounts Payable Property Accountant (and MAJOR SF Giants fan). Now back in the office from maternity leave, Emmalou is excited to get back to crunching the numbers and cutting checks. Let’s get to know more about Miss Gonzales, shall we?     I’m most inspired by… Love… Read More »

Whip It!


Quote of the Day

Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner Letters, we get letters, We get stacks an’ stacks of letters . . . From a Board Member to the Property Manager: “I think you are doing a fantastic job managing our association and you have the perfect temperament for handling our many requests.”

Professional Management, PERSONAL SERVICE!

Professional Management, PERSONAL SERVICE! On Saturday night, Ruth received a call on our emergency line where the public toilet in the commercial area of one of our properties had overflowed. The commercial tenants were in a panic, as these restrooms are used by their patrons and their employees.  With Oracle conference attendees in town, the… Read More »