Professional Management, PERSONAL SERVICE!

Professional Management, PERSONAL SERVICE!

On Saturday night, Ruth received a call on our emergency line where the public toilet in the commercial area of one of our properties had overflowed. The commercial tenants were in a panic, as these restrooms are used by their patrons and their employees.  With Oracle conference attendees in town, the place was abuzz with crowds.

Ruth couldn’t find a plumber available and tried everyone on our list; the business owners were in a panic.  Ruth called Michelle Kelley, who handles the emergency line on occasion. Michelle said she’d handle it, and Michelle and her husband trekked down to the property, identified themselves as representatives of CitiScape, got the drain unplugged and cleaned up the bathrooms so they could be used again.  The businesses were extremely happy.

This is what CitiScape is all about – professional management and personal service. Michelle went far and above the call of duty to please our client.

Michelle:  Thank you, and please thank your husband from all of us, this was truly a remarkable achievement!

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