Nice to meet you, Emily!

Nice to meet you, Emily!

Emily Hemphill, Office Manager and Disclosure Documents Manager, has a new title: MOM (is there something in the water here at CitiScape?)! Now back in the office from maternity leave, Emily is excited to reunite with her daytime family. Let’s see what’s new and get to know more about new mom Emily.

I’m most inspired by…Children, their honesty and innate curiosity are what motivated me to study my major in college and become a teacher (eventually).

The five things I love/can’t live without…

1. Makeup – Anything that has to do with it, I love it! products, application, you name it.

2. Music – I love to sing, so it’s a must.

3. iPhone – I hate to admit it, but I really can’t live without it. It helps organize my life!

4. HGTV & The Food Network – I haven’t really applied what I’ve learned from either channel, but I watch the shows religiously!

5. Target – Where else can I buy diapers, clothes, shoes and grocery shop at the same time?

My creative outlet is…
Singing – I do it everywhere! In my office, in the car, wherever I can just sing along to the radio!

I read…
Lately, my Twitter feed – it pretty much has everything I need to read for now: news, celebrity gossip, goings-on in my friends’ lives (Hey, I have an 11 week old baby to take care of, I don’t have time to read a book at the moment!)

What I like about my job… I honestly love to help people. Even though sometimes clients aren’t the nicest, it’s rewarding to see their bad attitude become friendly and appreciative from my interaction with them.

When I’m not at work, you can find me…At home, learning the ropes of motherhood!

My favorite place in San Francisco…West Portal. I grew up in that neighborhood and it’s full of great restaurants and quaint mom and pop shops.

If I could live any other place, I’d live in…New York. It’s New York, who wouldn’t want to live there!?

My favorite CitiScape moment…
We had a BBQ at Crissy Field years ago when CitiScape was at most a 10-15 person show. I believe it was the first time we had an off-site activity, so it was fun spending time and getting to know everyone in a non-work environment!

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