E Pluribus Unum: CitiScape’s Annual Employee Meeting

There’s nothing like the high of a totally inspiring, motivating meeting. “United We Play, United We Win”, the theme of CitiScape’s Annual Employee Meeting this year, was a home run!

Held last week at a meeting space inside Grace Cathedral, all employees listened intently to the yearly State of the Company address given by President Kevin Wiley and Vice President Ed Dale. Certificates were given to employees in recognition of their commitment to CitiScape for 5+ years and 10+ years. In addition, special awards were given to employees based on votes by fellow employees at the 1st Annual Peoples’ Choice Awards ceremony.

  • MVP: TIE: Paul Mora & Craig Pittman
  • Manager of the Year: John Carney
  • Willie Mac: Kristine Gaspar & Capri Tate
  • Leadership: Jasmine DelChiaro
  • Gold Glove:  TIE: Michelle Gage-Kelley and Patricia Prado
  • Rookie of the Year:  Bobby Simms

Bring on 2012 – CitiScape is ready at bat!

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