In the Spirit of the Holiday Season

In the spirit of the holiday season, we all understand there is much work to do to improve the lives of others in our great Bay Area and in the world.  CitiScape takes seriously the need to support the many local charities and non-profits.  This past year alone, CitiScape has supported local organizations such as Juma Ventures, San Francisco Food Bank, Giants Community Fund/Jr. Giants, SFSPCA, the Bayview Business Resource Center, Rebuilding Together Oakland, Suicide Prevention, African American Art & Culture Complex and Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS).  In addition, each year CitiScape selects a global initiative to donate to at the end of the year.  In years past, we have donated to organizations such as Heifer International, Doctors Without Borders, United Way, Special Olympics and the American Red Cross, to name a few.

This year, for our global effort we have selected UNICEF, and the K.I.N.D (Kids In Need of Desks) initiative.  It’s a compelling story of lifting poor kids in Malawi off of the hard, dirty classroom floor and onto real desks to study, and to learn, and to lift themselves out of poverty, all the while creating jobs for the local economies in building the desks locally.  If you’d take a moment to click on the links below and watch the short video, you’ll understand why we feel this is such an important, and simple, effort.

In the name of your homeowners association, CitiScape has purchased a desk, our small way of saying thanks to you as valuable partners, and trying to do our small part in paying forward to children in dire need.  We hope the fruits of this gift on behalf of you and your association member’s behalf is there to help these kids and the next generation, and generations to come.

Happy Holidays from all of the staff of CitiScape, and wishing all of you a prosperous and healthy New Year!


Thank you!

Every day, hundreds of thousands of students in Malawi sit on the floor to learn. Today, that number has been reduced by 2, thanks to a gift made in your honor.
Learn more about Kids in Need of Desks and UNICEF’s Schools for Africa, working to provide quality education for all.

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