New in 2012: No More Email (via ECHO)

Executive Council of Homeowners – January 2012 | Issue 33

New in 2012: No More Email

Restrictions on board action outside of a meeting, bans on email, and new disclosure requirements are only a few consequences of new laws in 2012. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the changes. Watch your ECHO Journal and attend ECHO Seminars for expert direction on dealing with these new laws, prepare for developing legislation, and much more. Most boards should pay particular attention to the passage of SB 563, a bill that effectively bans email and actions outside of a meeting:

From the ECHO Journal – It is very common for board members to communicate with each other and with management via e-mail, and this is often the preferred method of communication on HOA issues. For some time there were no explicit statutory prohibitions or restrictions on the use of e-mails by board members to discuss or even take action on HOA business, but there will be on January 1, 2012 when Senate Bill 563 goes into effect. One of SB 563’s major impacts will be to ban board “action” via e-mail…

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