Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner

Letters, we get letters,
We get stacks an’ stacks of letters . . .


“I just wanted to send a note to you and share my rave reviews about a person on your team.

It is a complete pleasure working with our property manager, specifically she has helped me tremendously through a dramatic tenant eviction that lasted over 6 months and an important loft renovation. She is extremely reliable, responsive, has a committed work ethic and just as importantly, she is friendly and kind. I’ve sent her emails or texts at 9pm at night, and within minutes, I’d have a response. She does everything she can to help property owners through many potential challenges.

It’s not often I have the opportunity to recognize star performers, but having had the chance to work with her, well… I just had to share my applause about her with you.

Thank you for building such strong team members.” – Homeowner


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