Nice to Meet You, Nick!

Nice to meet you, Nick!

Meet Nick Berg, Operations Manager here at CitiScape. Smart as a whip, Nick enjoys putting on his thinking cap and talking strategy. Let’s dive in and get to know more about Mr. Berg!


I’m most inspired by… people willing to stand up for the minority position, challenge the conventional wisdom, or imagine creative solutions to problems.

The five things I love/can’t live without…

1. Love of family & friends

2. Walks with my dog, Scarlett

3. Thoughtfulness of our community Board Members

4. Teamwork and collaboration of my colleagues at CitiScape

5. Expertise of our trusted vendors


My creative outlet is…writing


I read… The Economist; anything non-fiction

What I like about my job… Every day brings a different challenge

When I’m not at work, you can find me… Sleeping

My favorite place in San Francisco… Golden Gate Park

If I could live any other place, I’d live in… Hawaii
My favorite CitiScape moment… The house always wins with blackjack dealer, Wayne Lee.

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