Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner

Letters, we get letters,
We get stacks an’ stacks of letters . . .

From a Vendor to the Property Management Team:

“I am sure you probably know this already, but your team is A+. We work at close to 150 buildings or even more in San Francisco, and your property management team members are exceptionally good and outstanding at their jobs. Their professionalism, intelligence, service, communication, follow through, responsiveness to requests and homeowner items, their treatment of vendors, and their pro-active approach is second to none in the HOA high-rise community in San Francisco. We work at tons of buildings and you have an A+ team and staff. I can go on and on, but over the last 2.5 years I have noticed that your management team is top notch, one of the best all around in San Francisco.

You most likely already know, but trust me, they stand out in so many ways and I wanted you to know that. Have a great weekend, enjoy the weather, and see you at a Giants game soon!” – Vendor

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