Kudos Corner

Kudos Corner

Letters, we get letters,
We get stacks an’ stacks of letters . . .


“Dear Kevin and Ed,

I want to let you know what a successful meeting I had with residents at The Summit.  After months of planning, a group of 14 people gathered to hear my presentation about SF Village.  They were warm, friendly, and engaged.  The board chair was all smiles and thanked me several times.  I passed around membership forms and feel confident that several of them will join.

One woman commented that she would like to see Summit residents build support among themselves.  Paul added that CitiScape is discussing ways to build community and that you’re considering some creative communication tools.
Lacey pointed out how simple it would be to use that board room to show a movie or gather residents to watch the opening ceremonies of the summer Olympics. Easy next steps.

I would like to add that if I can be of service to any of CitiScape’s community-building efforts, please don’t hesitate to ask.”
– Kate Hoepke , Executive Director of San Francisco Village

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