CitiScape Sponsored a Family in Need This Holiday Season

CitiScape has sponsored a family in need this holiday season:

Sonomans Offering Support {S.O.S} is a Sonoma Valley charity established in May of 2012.  Envisioned by young mothers and inspired by the values in which we are raising their own children, {SOS} looks to offer an expansive and impressive variety of services to the Sonoma Valley community. Our goal is to create a safety net for our community.  No one knows what hardships the future holds and even the best intended and executed plans can be destroyed in a matter of minutes by unforeseen tragedies or unexpected events.  With {SOS} we have an opportunity to offer immediate and effective financial support to families who desperately need it in the Sonoma Valley.  When you hear the story about the family that cannot pay their sick child’s medical bills, or the mother who lost her husband unexpectedly and is struggling to find steady work and you don’t know what you can do to really help, that is what {SOS} is here for. These are people in our town, in the place we call home and it is our goal to make sure that we can help anyone and everyone so that no one in our community is burdened to face these situations alone.

CitiScape Staff Photographer Allyson Wiley is on the board of SOS, and she sent this note about our gift:

You got the sweetest family for the adopt a family!  Single mother of 4, dad stopped paying child support.  Very sweet woman who runs the ballet school and works her butt off.  She is so excited and thankful.  We are in the process of helping her get a full-time position (more money) at Micah’s school.”

Merry Holidays to you all!

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