Kudos Corner

“Firstly, thank you for CitiScape’s annual holiday gift/contribution on behalf of our association. You always choose a worthy cause, one with which I believe everyone here would agree. Your gifts are so much more meaningful than anything else you might do. So on behalf of the board and the homeowners, thank you. We’ve been together for almost as long as the company and I hope our relationship continues for just as long and longer.

Secondly, the CitiScape staff. I just wanted to take a minute to commend Su Kemp and her management of our property and “our” CitiScape employees: Slava Meresiy, Rudy Orsua and Brandon Orsua. I believe it was originally Ed Dale’s idea to bring in on-site workers to stem the annual river-like flow of funds to contractors. It was a brilliant idea, one that we’ve taken even further. Because of this rather drastic change in the way we do things here, we’ve saved a great deal of money and managed to start re-building our reserves. These now stand higher than at any time since my (and your) involvement with the board.

Back to Su and the staff. From my perspective, I see everyone working as a team. I don’t believe this could happen without Su’s leadership. This is especially difficult because our property is so spread out with three buildings and surrounding grounds, an oddity in the City. And let’s not forget that unfortunately, we are still in the “water business” along with the “rust business.” I’m afraid this is never going to change and it’s crucial that we keep on top of it. For the first time ever, we are seeing some proactive maintenance instead of just reactive maintenance. Our goal is to continue moving the pendulum from reactive to proactive.

And before I forget, there are two more people to thank – Terri Quile and Kris Gaspar. Terri provides an invaluable service in helping us choose contractors along with when and when not to keep the jobs in-house. Kris does her best to stay on top of delinquencies — not an easy job over the past several years but hopefully getting easier. Su coordinates all and most of it would not happen without her.

Wishing you all very happy holidays on behalf of the Board & homeowners.”

– Board Member

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