Nice to Meet You, Robert!

Nice to meet you, Robert!

Meet Robert Simms, Managing Partner of CitiScape and Senior Property Manager, veteran and self-professed sports nut. With more than 25+ years in the biz, there isn’t much Robert hasn’t seen. With overseeing operations at CitiScape, managing several accounts and keeping his credentials fresh, Robert sure makes it all look easy (and cool – how does he do it?)! Let’s get to know more about Robert…

Robert Simms










1. I’m most inspired by…Muhammad Ali

2. The five things I love/can’t live without…

• Sports
• Excellent food
• Time alone
• Music
• My daily devotional reading

3. My creative outlet is…discovering new music, cooking, and photography

4. I read…motivational materials and the sports page

5. What I like about my job…the working relationship and respect that I have with my co-workers

6. When I’m not at work, you can find me…at home, at a sports event or at a jazz concert

7. My favorite place in San Francisco…AT&T Park

8. If I could live any other place, I’d live in…the blue zone in Costa Rica

9. My favorite CitiScape moment…CitiScape’s 10th Anniversary Party!!

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