Kudos Corner

“It is not often I encounter excellent customer service, so I wanted to take this moment to let you know the stellar service your employees provided for us at our property.  We recently had a water pipe break underneath my children’s bedroom.  And as you know, having various maintenance people in your home and having dehumidifiers and blowers in your home is uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Your employees were extremely helpful throughout this project; they helped me move my furniture, made sure they took off their dirty work boots in my home, and reassured me that they would make sure no one would enter my home without their supervision.  They really made this process more bearable and updated me throughout the progress.  I was truly impressed by their professionalism and sensitivity around this project.  They made sure everything got done in a timely manner.

I hope CitiScape knows how lucky they are to have employees like this.  Having competent maintenance staff that care about their jobs makes it a pleasure to live here.” – Homeowner




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