Kudos Corner

“Just a quick note to you regarding our Property Manager.  We had a reconvened annual meeting last night and nearly a dozen violation hearing notices on top of it (many of which involved criminal activity, with residents appearing and defending their actions).  The homeowners’ forum also had a packed audience with multiple hostile owners concerning the closure of the pool and alleged mismanagement of HOA funds which resulted in our failure to open the pool (there was not enough money in the budget to pay for security, and based on advice from counsel, we elected to keep the pool closed until we had a robust discussion with homeowners, heard their views on special assessments and the value of having the pool open, which we did last night).  However, our Property Manager was the consummate professional and handled every resident and issue confidently, respectfully, expertly and adroitly, as she consistently has done in the past.  Last night was a particularly difficult and charged meeting that drug on for over 2 hours in freezing outside weather, but she was awesome.  As I may have said before, the only reason I remain on this Board (and why we insisted on moving our business from Massingham to Citiscape when she moved), is because of her, and the faith, confidence and comfort I have with her guiding the Board and our association. But for her, I would have stepped down many years ago. You have a true rock star of a Property Manager on your hands.” – Board President

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