Kids Ocean Day: Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup


San Francisco and Marin students came together Tuesday at Ocean Beach to send a message about the importance of keeping our beaches clean.

According to the Richardson Bay Audubon Center, students first learned about the ocean, their watersheds and the public’s impact on marine life. They then took the lesson outside as part of the 21st annual Kids’ Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup.

The group of more than 850 students, which included second through seventh graders, worked to clean the beach.

After their work was finished, the group of students gathered in the formation of a Western Grebe diving after a fish, to send a public message about the importance of taking care of our beaches. According to the Richardson Bay Audubon Center, Western Grebe populations have been in decline and are at risk of entanglement by discarded fishing line and abandoned fishing gear.

This was the sixth year the Richardson Bay Audubon Center coordinated the San Francisco event. Five other similar events are taking place up and down the California coast.

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