Nice to Meet You, Maj!


Maj Khan and her dog, Charlie

Meet Maj Khan, Portfolio Manager, mommy of Charlie and probably one of the nicest, kindest, most gentle people you ever will meet! Let’s get to know Maj…

  1. I’m most inspired by… successful and determined women. In this day and age, it is a great thing to see a power house of a woman.
  2. The five things I love/can’t live without…
  • My dog, Charlie
  • My other half
  • Pakistani Food
  • Susie Cakes – chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and confetti sprinkles!
  • My Lord of the Rings & Hobbit  DVD Collection 


  1. My creative outlet is…hiking, nothing is more beautiful than nature in its pure form.
  2. I read…non-fiction right before bed.
  3. What I like about my job… is meeting people with amazing stories and journeys. 6. When I’m not at work, you can find me…with my dog Charlie.7. My favorite place in San Francisco… is Lands’ End, Ocean Beach.

    8. If I could live any other place, I’d live in… England or Canada.

    9. My favorite CitiScape moment… is when everyone got together to make a photo collage for Property Manager Stephanie Silver, who left to pursue humanitarian work with Doctors Without Borders. She loved it and I miss her so much.

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