Nice to Meet You, Tiffany!

Meet Tiffany Hu! The newly married Ms. Hu works hard behind the scenes in our Accounting Department as an A/R Property Accountant. Read on to learn more about this numbers (and customer service) whiz!


1.       I’m most inspired by… everything & everyone around me.
2.      The five things I love/can’t live without…
•        Family
•        Friends
•        Rice
•        H2O
•        Internet

3. My creative outlet is… listening to music.

4. I read… blogs, romance novels and the newspaper.

5. What I like about my job… I love the people I work with – fun, hilarious and supportive.

6. When I’m not at work, you can find me… at a shopping mall.

7. My favorite place in San Francisco… Downtown.

8. If I could live any other place, I’d live in… No place is better than San Francisco, everything is so convenient.

9. My favorite CitiScape moment… Any time I can play a part in putting a smile on a customers’ face.

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