Kudos Corner


“I am one of the members of the board for a loft HOA building.  I’ve been on the board for two years now, my partner served on the board for three years prior to me joining and we have been in the building as original owners since it was built.

And I do have to say that since CitiScape has taken over – we have had the smoothest running HOA in the history of the building.  Our manager is a fantastic asset to our HOA!  She is responsive, has follow through, and provides clear and metered replies to owners and does a fantastic job of not playing to heated tones in emails (which, as you can imagine, happen quite often).

We had a board meeting last night and realized how smoothly things have been running and felt the need to let you know – especially since a few years ago we were in a very different place, almost ready to leave CityScape.  Our manager has been a breath of fresh air and I desperately hope we never lose her!  We often are inclined to voice our concerns when things are going wrong and neglect to let people know when things are going really well…and I just wanted to make sure that it did not happen here.” – Board Member

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