Congratulations to our very own Maj Khan and Robin Romo!









Congratulations to our very own Maj Khan and Robin Romo for taking home the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) 2016 Vision Award for Rising Champion and Manager’s Choice.

The CACM Vision Awards program is a special part of the annual CACM Northern California Law Seminar & Expo. The awards recognize the best of the best – individuals who have displayed outstanding achievements in the community association management industry.

Vision Award nominees are CACM managers and affiliate members who have made a contribution above and beyond their normal duties while serving their association clients, their company, and fellow industry professionals. They continually exceed accepted standards of professionalism and skill, display a commitment to excellence, and illustrate standards of certification and training.

Maj Khan, Portfolio Manager, took home the Rising Champion award. This award recognizes one manager with less than two years of experience in the California community management industry who has exhibited drive, determination and exceptional abilities. This manager is someone who has consistently raised the bar and exceeded a Board of Director’s expectations. He or she may have solved a challenging situation while exemplifying the skill set of the profession’s finest, or immediately gained the confidence of a Board of Directors and resolved many of their outstanding issues.

Robin Romo, COO, received the Manager’s Choice award. The recipient of this award exhibits a strong commitment to the industry and applies high professional standards, ethics and loyalty when working with consumer clients and affiliates, as well as conveying a “just doing my job” attitude. Nominees may include manager members who have obtained beneficial outcomes for their California association(s) through their leadership, forward thinking and sound community management practices, or those who have acted as a catalyst for positive change in their association(s) (i.e., proposed a new or revised initiative, community project, operational standards or customer service program).

CitiScape Property Management Group is proud to have such hardworking people such as Maj Khan and Robin Romo on our team and are delighted about the recognition for their accomplishments.

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