Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies

pactowerscasestudyPACIFIC HEIGHTS TOWERS
2200 Sacramento Street
126 residential condos

When CitiScape was engaged to manage the building, the Board was interested in improving the career opportunities and management of their existing staff. They requested that the employees move from being association-employed to employed directly by CitiScape. In addition to eliminating the risks and liability of being an employer, the Association saved approximately $30,000 per year in personnel expenses. A board member stated, “Citiscape is the best thing that could have happened to Pacific Heights Towers. I like the way that Citiscape takes swift action on issues including: building maintenance and personnel issues.”


sgcasestudy2SOMA GRAND
1160 Mission Street
246 residential condos, 2 commercial, garage

The SOMA Grand is a mixed-use development including a 246-unit Class A high-rise luxury condominium community, 2 commercial units and a garage. Amenities include 24-hour security, onsite management and concierge, club room, fitness center, yoga room, conference center, and spa.

Upon assuming management, CitiScape was able to enhance the existing amenities and services while reducing the costs considerably. One board member shared, “I am on our Condo Board and we changed management companies to CitiScape [in 2010]. They have done a great job, both in the care and maintenance of our building and in the customer service they provide. Our building is high end and the residents are demanding. The front desk staff are efficient and unfailingly pleasant and knowledgeable. They handle every problem, large or small, with a smile. The large team of behind-the-scenes people keeps the place humming. I would highly recommend CitiScape to any building looking to change their management.”


mpcasestudyMUSEUM PARC
300 3rd Street
233 residential condos, 7 commercial, garage

Museum Parc is a mixed-use development including 233 residential units, 7 commercial units and a garage. Amenities include 24-hour security and onsite management. Upon taking management, CitiScape has worked with the Association to improve fiscal health including: reducing the number of units in collections, improving the HOA’s performance to budget and building up reserves. Many of the major system have now been modernized and there is positive and regular communication to homeowners. One homeowner praised us saying, “We love the proactive positive approach. Fully professional in every way.”


150 Lombard Street
190 residential condos

One Homeowner said, “Thank you for your efficient and competent work!  You have improved every area of [Telegraph Landing] …The Holiday lights were perfect!  The notification of impending work inconveniences was appreciated. Thank you for being there for us! You have created a great team and that is an accomplishment! Wishing you another successful harmonious year filled with love, joy and laughter.


77vannesscasestudy77 VAN NESS
38 residential condos, 3 commercial

One homeowner stated, “We have traveled a great deal over the world and have frequented The Intercontinental Hotels as our place of choice – when we were considering buying a place in SF, my wife made a very direct comment about her concerns one evening as we were in the new ICH in SF (Howard & 4th).  She said if we buy a place, she didn’t want it to feel like a step down from what we got at the ICH. I really thought that we would not be able, based on this comment, to find a place that could compete with a beautiful new hotel with top notch service. We were so wrong! [My wife] and I stay at our condo about 1 weekend per month and then a week or so every few months.  [Our Community Manager] is a phenomenal…part of, 77 Van Ness. Our neighbors are great too… We feel like we are part of the 77 Van Ness Family and we truly want you know how much a part of this feeling is BECAUSE of [our Community Manager]…he is like having a personal Concierge service at the condo – there to help if you’d like, but otherwise he is also good at staying out of people’s business. We love it – thought you’d like to get a positive note!”


leavenworthcasestudy1907 LEAVENWORTH
12 residential condos

A homeowner stated, “I want you to know how much [my wife] and I appreciate your and Deb’s help regarding the water damage and insurance claim at our flat on Leavenworth — this is a very unfortunate and difficult situation but with your help it has made it so much easier for us — I have also been told by the Safeco adjuster Douglas Beauchamp that he has never worked with a better company then CitiScape nor better people then you and Deb — Deb seems to get especially high marks but after working with her I can understand why–I know it’s still early in the game but I just wanted to give you a pat on the head and say thank you.”



My experience with CitiScape is as a nonprofit, working with them as a community partner. I just can’t say enough good things or recommend them highly enough.

They approached us a while back, because they wanted to find a way to support Bay Area veterans. They already support a lot of charities as you can see on their website, but nonetheless, the group’s management took the time to meet with us several times to understand what veterans need and how they could help. This year, they took it one step further – by actually organizing an event for veterans and coming out and spending the day getting to know a group of veterans. And, they brought along several of their own vendors and community partners as well, who shared their interest in giving back to veterans. It was a really great day.

While I would both commend them and recommend them for their community support, I would also recommend them to anyone out there as business partners! At the end of the day, we all want to work with people who have integrity, who care about others and are interested in achieving the best for everyone involved. These guys are the epitome of that.

Thank you, CitiScape!

From the staff of Honoring the Path of the Warrior


“I cannot say enough how great your service is to us. Brooks and I deal with a lot of people in this industry and I know I have never dealt with anyone who is as responsive as you. Thank you.” – Homeowner


“To the Board of Directors, I wanted to take this opportunity to sing the praises of John Carney in his role as property manager for Victoria Mews through Citiscape. I’ve been at the Mews for close to 20 years and, although I have not had a huge number of interactions with our previous property managers, I have had some – a few of which were pretty horrible. Since John has been in his role, I have found every encounter with him to be professional, his responses always timely and his approach to problem solving extremely effective.    His job is certainly not an easy one,  but from my perspective, he does an excellent job and is an asset to the Victoria Mews community. It is so easy to focus on problems and to complain and criticize, but often one doesn’t think about providing positive feedback for a role such as John’s.  Therefore, I thought it worth a few minutes to do so. Thank you.” – Homeowner


“I want you to know how much Cathy and I appreciate your and Deb’s help regarding the water damage and insurance claim at our flat — this is a very unfortunate and difficult situation but with your help it has made it so much easier for us–I have also been told by the adjuster that he has never worked with a better company then Citiscape nor better people then you and Deb — Deb seems to get especially high marks, but after working with her I can understand why — I know it’s still early in the game, but I just wanted to give you a pat on the head and say thank you.” – Homeowner


“Kevin, Just a quick note to you regarding Cristin.  We had a reconvened annual meeting last night and nearly a dozen violation hearing notices on top of it (many of which involved criminal activity, with residents appearing and defending their actions).  The homeowners’ forum also had a packed audience with multiple hostile owners concerning the closure of the pool and alleged mismanagement of HOA funds which resulted in our failure to open the pool (there was not enough money in the budget to pay for security, and based on advice from counsel, we elected to keep the pool closed until we had a robust discussion with homeowners, heard their views on special assessments and the value of having the pool open, which we did last night).  However, Cristin was the consummate professional and handled every resident and issue confidently, respectfully, expertly and adroitly, as she consistently has done in the past.

Last night was a particularly difficult and charged meeting that drug on for over 2 hours in freezing outside weather, but Cristin was awesome.  As I may have said before, the only reason I remain on this Board (and why we insisted on moving our business from Massingham to Citiscape when Cristin moved), is because of Cristin, and the faith, confidence and comfort I have with her guiding the Board and our association. But for her, I would have stepped down many years ago. You have a true rock star of a property manager on your hands in Cristin!” – Board President of an East Bay HOA


“Firstly, thank you for CitiScape’s annual holiday gift/contribution on behalf of our association. You always choose a worthy cause, one with which I believe everyone here would agree. Your gifts are so much more meaningful than anything else you might do. So on behalf of the board and the homeowners, thank you. We’ve been together for almost as long as the company and I hope our relationship continues for just as long and longer.

Secondly, the CitiScape staff. I just wanted to take a minute to commend Su Kemp and her management of our property and “our” CitiScape employees: Slava Meresiy, Rudy Orsua and Brandon Orsua. I believe it was originally Ed Dale’s idea to bring in on-site workers to stem the annual river-like flow of funds to contractors. It was a brilliant idea, one that we’ve taken even further. Because of this rather drastic change in the way we do things here, we’ve saved a great deal of money and managed to start re-building our reserves. These now stand higher than at any time since my (and your) involvement with the board.

Back to Su and the staff. From my perspective, I see everyone working as a team. I don’t believe this could happen without Su’s leadership. This is especially difficult because our property is so spread out with three buildings and surrounding grounds, an oddity in the City. And let’s not forget that unfortunately, we are still in the “water business” along with the “rust business.” I’m afraid this is never going to change and it’s crucial that we keep on top of it. For the first time ever, we are seeing some proactive maintenance instead of just reactive maintenance. Our goal is to continue moving the pendulum from reactive to proactive.

And before I forget, there are two more people to thank – Terri Quile and Kris Gaspar. Terri provides an invaluable service in helping us choose contractors along with when and when not to keep the jobs in-house. Kris does her best to stay on top of delinquencies — not an easy job over the past several years but hopefully getting easier. Su coordinates all and most of it would not happen without her.

Wishing you all very happy holidays on behalf of the Board & homeowners.” – Board Member


“I just wanted to send a note to you and share my rave reviews about a person on your HOA management team at Ocean Beach HOA in San Francisco. It is a complete pleasure working with our property manager, specifically she has helped me tremendously through a dramatic tenant eviction that lasted over 6 months and an important loft renovation. She is extremely reliable, responsive, has a committed work ethic and just as importantly, she is friendly and kind. I’ve sent her emails or texts at 9pm at night, and within minutes, I’d have a response. She does everything she can to help property owners through many potential challenges. It’s not often I have the opportunity to recognize star performers, but having had the chance to work with her, well… I just had to share my applause about her with you. Thank you for building such strong condominium management team members.” – Homeowner


“I just wanted to repeat to you how happy we are with the CitiScape condominium management team at our property.  In the 20+ years I’ve lived here, the management/maintenance situation has never operated so well and been so well organized. At our annual meeting last night, homeowners actually applauded them all.  In spite of the expensive projects on the horizon, for the first time I can actually see that we are finally getting to be pro-active instead of reactive.  As far as property management in San Francisco goes, you’re the BEST!  Wishing us all a great 2012.”– Homeowner


Well, I don’t think our HOA acknowledges good work as often as we should but everyone is definitely ready to point out flaws right away. I know it is not spoken much but I have heard many members comment on how impressed they are with you and the work you are doing. You have been extremely responsive, always follow up and keep a positive attitude. It sure makes being on the board a lot easier when we do not need to constantly follow up or listen to angry members who have asked multiple times to have something done with no action taken. So basically…..thanks! – Board Member


“I live in a SOMA building.  CitiScape took over the HOA management from another property management company and it has been a grand improvement. Your concierge staff working under the name CitiConcierge are truly the tops.  They are very helpful, friendly, and efficient. The lead person is the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness while doing an exceptional job.  She basically makes the place work, and work well. Not to forget the quiet one in the back room- Citiscape employs our building engineer.  He gets my vote as a very good person on the job too, expertly capable and a friendly real face to have in the building. Yea.. I’ll vote CitiScape 5 Stars for condominium management in San Francisco!” – Homeowner


“I’m very impressed with the quality of service and the helpful attitude of the concierge staff. It seems in the month that this property has sold out and new HOA management has taken over, residents and guests alike are settled in and content with their surroundings. BRAVO!” – Homeowner


“Talk about quality service & events… I have attended a few of their impressive resident events and they really know how to show their appreciation. Most recently they had a catered event, with music and chair massage. It was pretty awesome! Plus whenever I stop by the front desk they know my name and ask how they can make my day better. That means a lot to me!”– Homeowner


“This is a brief note to give you some feedback on how our association is working with Citiscape. Our Property Manager is extremely helpful, responsive, diligent, and has enabled us to face a number of challenging issues that we would not have dealt with easily by ourselves. I monitor the e-mail traffic with the rest of the HOA, and his work appears to be uniformly excellent with everyone else, too. He has good communications skills, and (most importantly) he gets the jobs done for us rather than putting the responsibility back in our laps.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the condominium management professionals that CitiScape has assigned to us.” – Board Member


“I am on our Condo Board and we changed management companies to CitiScape last year.  They have done a great job, both in the care and maintenance of our building and in the customer service they provide.  Our building is high end and the residents are demanding. The front desk staff are efficient and unfailingly pleasant and knowledgeable. They handle every problem, large or small, with a smile. The large property management team of behind-the-scenes people keeps the place humming. I would highly recommend CitiScape to any building looking to change their HOA condominium management.” – Board Member


“I recently experienced water damage originating from a flood in a bathroom, undergoing a remodel, in above unit 205. The water was streaming down from my upper loft ceiling down to floor, first noticed on Saturday, June 19th at 3:30pm. My first 2 calls were an attempt to reach the contractor in charge of the above unit’s bathroom remodel. When I was unable to reach him, I called the owner of the other unit. When he was unreachable, I called Citiscape’s emergency number approximately at 3:36pm.

Ruth, who is the Citiscape dispatcher, was amazing. She immediately called a plumber to come to building to assess the problem. Ruth was calm and extremely reassuring. She kept in constant contact with me regarding her contacts, when they would arrive, and what I needed them to do. She was the perfect person to call during my initial hysteria! Bill, the plumber was great. He arrived within 25 minutes from my initial call to Ruth. Ruth also had contacted Mark Owens, Project Manager on call that day. He arrived at my unit by 5pm.

Mark was and continued to be fabulous. He arrived and immediately took action. He gave me the sense that he was in charge, and made me believe it would all be ok. He called a restoration company, and they arrived promptly and assessed the water damage. The crew was professional and kind and got the situation under control. The wall was stripped of dry wall, insulation taken out, and heaters and humidifiers brought in. After the inner wall dried in 3 days, Mark then brought in Todd and his crew to begin the wall repair. Todd and his crew were also great. They always arrived on time, kept everything clean and tidy, and worked in a quick and orderly fashion.

During all of the above, Mark Owens was in constant contact with me, telling me what was going to be done next and what time folks would arrive to do their work. Mark was present in the building the beginning and end of each day, making sure work was getting done correctly and under a reasonable timetable. Mark was an extraordinary project manager…I told him he should go on the show Apprentice…because he would surely win!!!! Ha! Ruth, Mark Owens, Bill (plumber), the restoration company, and Todd were ALL fantastic. I am not sure how a nightmare can turn into such a positive experience…but all that were involved made it seem less daunting. Citiscape has a great team!”
– Homeowner


“To Our Property Manager:

This is ABSOLUTELY unbelievable!!!! I have never seen such professionalism and a proactive approach. You have done more in a couple of weeks than the previous management in almost 2 years. THANK YOU SO MUCH again for all your help.” – Homeowner


Homeowner Association Newsletter

“CitiScape President Kevin Wiley and his team have been wonderful to work with and highly professional and efficient in dealing with a myriad of issues.”

- President of the Board

“To the President of CitiScape:

I am a resident in — Street HOA and felt compelled to share with you my experience with your company and specifically our Property Manager.

I’ve been living in this building for more than 9 years and over that period of time I’ve dealt with a minimum of 4 Property Management companies. Recently, your Property Manager has needed to get involved with a number issues concerning my storage spaces (issues that have been ongoing for more than 2 years). I can unequivocally say that CitiScape and our assigned Manager have provided far superior customer service than any of the previous property managers I’ve dealt with. Mr. —- and your office staff have always been very responsive and have resolved these issues quickly and professionally.” – Homeowner


“I’m very pleased that our HOA had the good sense to hire your organization and I look forward to working with CitiScape and Mr. —- in the future.”

Homeowner, South of Market

New Board Member:

“Thank you to the entire CitiScape management team. We are still learning much about living in a condo and what is needed. By far, you have been the most efficient and thorough manager we’ve ever had, so thank you for teaching us and explaining the correct way to do things.”

“To Our Property Manager:

You did a great job this year, and you always came prepared for each board meeting. This was very helpful and appreciated. I can only imagine how frustrating it can be, to only be on the receiving line of complaints, from homeowners and residents. Thank you for responding, all through this year, to all those minor emergencies that always crop up.”

Board Member, Pacific Heights

“To Our Property Manager:

Now that my term as board President has expired, looking back at a full year of working with you as our property manager, I wish to personally thank you for all the work you performed on the board’s behalf for the Association.

I know all too well, that being the point man for all the residents’ and homeowners’ complaints can be a tiresome, thankless job. This is why I want to warmly thank you for having always been there to take care of whatever was thrown your way. Your attitude with everyone was always polite, professional and effective and reflected well on both CitiScape and the Association. I also want to congratulate you for how well prepared you always came to the board meetings. This made the board decision process so much easier and efficient. I could always count on you to recapitulate the facts in a calm and positive manner. It was a pleasure working with you throughout this last year.”

“Retiring” Board President, Cow Hollow

“To Our Accounting Manager:

I have just returned from my trip to Asia. My limited education into the Buddhist culture has made me more understanding of difficult people. I figure you must already be a monk with the people you deal with on a daily basis.”

Anonymous Recognition by a Very Wise Homeowner


“To the Management Team at CitiScape:

Hopefully, I will sell my home very soon and be moving to my new home! As a “short timer” here on the Board, I wanted to thank you for your guidance and attentiveness to the various issues that cropped up at our property over the past few years. You are professional and responsive, and your continued guidance through the ongoing litigation was very helpful to me as a Board Director. Continued success……. you deserve it!”

Board Director, on the way to Las Vegas and her new condo association


“To The OB Board of Directors:

Thank you to OB Board of Directors & CitiScape – great job! I want to thank both the Board and CitiScape for the oversight and management of the Waterproofing Project! Odd to say, but it is really just a wonderful sight :) There appears to be tremendous activity all the time – yet the construction crew is quiet, courteous and friendly!

Personally I feel extremely fortunate that we got this Repair/Retrofit project underway and that the BoD chose the right contractor to do the job and CitiScape to oversee it. We are with an excellent management company and I have great confidence in the outcome of the entire undertaking!

A big thank you to CitiScape, including the entire property management team, for all the personal attention and time devoted to this project here at OB! The commitment shown by all the mgmt team is gratifying to us, the customer!”

- Homeowner

“To Our Property Manager:

I think you get the sainthood award for putting up with our association and its “special” members… I am pleased that we finally have something to move forward on with the homeowners… Thanks again for all of your good work and patience. I really appreciate it!”

- Homeowner

“To Our Property Manager:

As a resident of 13___Jones Street, I wanted to send you a quick note of congratulations on your recent promotion. It has been well deserved. You and the other members of the CitiScape team have made being a resident fantastic with your courtesy and attention to details. I can understand why residents stay at CitiScape properties for so long and why you are rated so well with the Better Business Bureau.”

- Resident

“I just wanted to follow up with you, to let you know again how pleased we are to have your team in charge at our property. They are great and have made amazing strides in a short amount of time. As you know, we threw a long list of demands at them when they first started, and they have handled this list effectively and professionally.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have put them in charge of prioritizing our needs list and in charge of day to day property maintenance. We are not yet sure whether the pace has slowed appreciably for either of them, but hopefully at least they now know they have our trust, and can push back when the list gets too long or complex.

While we know we are an active bunch, we are much more relaxed when we know we have an effective team in place. And we’re more than happy to discuss ways to maximize everyone’s efficiency and to give them the space to do their jobs well. Thank you for working with us to reach this point, we look forward to a great summer!”

Best wishes on behalf of our Association,

- President of the Board


“I need to convey, the property has NEVER had a better Property Manager and On-site Supervisor. Never! I wish we had done a video documentary since your arrival and then passed it along to others, maybe a future episode of Dirty Jobs. I have friends on other HOA Boards, others living in Associations, and we have discussed the time it takes to get things done, management issues, etc. They’ve all witnessed my experiences over the past 4 years, and when I note what your team has accomplished in literally just a few months, they are really shocked. They don’t get such action by their PMs/Supervisors.

Again, Kudos to your work, your commitment and I’m glad you’re working with us.”

- Board Member