Let’s GO Oakland!

Game 5 is on our turf – let’s DO this, Oakland!

Make Believe

So, we’re pretending that yesterday didn’t happen…………………………………………….BUT  

P.A.W.S. Celebrates 25 Years!

PAWS, (Pets Are Wonderful Support), a local charity dedicated  to providing programs and services that keep low-income seniors and disabled people together with their pets, celebrated 25 years with a fundraising event on November 8th. Representing CitiScape, a proud sponsor of the event, were Richard Price, Mark Brunig and Bill Raz. Local celebs like Heather… Read More »

NOW OPEN: CitiScape’s Feline Department

To ensure CitiScape remains an equal opportunity employer, and to support the K-9 Department, we have launched the new, shiny Feline Department.  The first hire is Mia Benson, a recent graduate of the Feline Academy in Upstate New York, and she has been tasked with assisting us in budget 2013 preparation. Mia currently shares an… Read More »

Kind of a BIG Deal!

It’s no secret that CitiScape’s got love for all animals. Heck, on any given day here at the office you can count on 4 friendly dogs to scurry by on your way to refill your morning coffee (and not too long ago a cat was calling this place home)! So, it’s no wonder that we… Read More »


Just another day here at the CitiScape office…Cris’ cat Aki is overseeing things today.