Can it be Summer again?

It’s the first official day of Fall, but we’re longing for the dog days of Summer…

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                  We lost a dear friend last week. Sierra, the office will not be the same without your sweet, loving presence. You will be greatly missed! Both Kevin and Sierra would appreciate any donation you might make in her name to Muttville, a wonderful organization that places older… Read More »

Pets & 4th of July

Did you know that more pets are lost on July 4th than any other day? Please be careful and keep your pets close by!

P.A.W.S. Celebrates 25 Years!

PAWS, (Pets Are Wonderful Support), a local charity dedicated  to providing programs and services that keep low-income seniors and disabled people together with their pets, celebrated 25 years with a fundraising event on November 8th. Representing CitiScape, a proud sponsor of the event, were Richard Price, Mark Brunig and Bill Raz. Local celebs like Heather… Read More »

NOW OPEN: CitiScape’s Feline Department

To ensure CitiScape remains an equal opportunity employer, and to support the K-9 Department, we have launched the new, shiny Feline Department.  The first hire is Mia Benson, a recent graduate of the Feline Academy in Upstate New York, and she has been tasked with assisting us in budget 2013 preparation. Mia currently shares an… Read More »

Cookies Welcome…

SFPD in the House

Look who stopped by CitiScape HQ for a meeting this morning? Retired San Francisco Chief of Police Heather Fong. Here’s Ms. Fong pictured with Molly Wiley, K-9 Department.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (video)

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

A Simple Picture of How Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Works