CitiScape Across the Map

                    Properties managed by CitiScape are located all over the greater SF Bay Area, from the North Bay though San Francisco to the Peninsula/South Bay, across to the East Bay and back. Our portfolio of clients include both residential and commercial clients.  We provide the same… Read More »

Citiscape awarded Accredited Community Management Firm “ACMF” designation

CitiScape is a proud Accredited Community Management Firm (ACMF), committed to professionalism within the industry with staff members adhering to the highest state-specific industry standards. CitiScape is 1 of only 15 management companies in the State of California to hold the ACMF designation.

Water Conservation Is Now Mandatory for California HOAs

As we enter another hot, dry Californian summer, Governor Brown is taking immediate action to drastically improve our state’s conservation efforts. For the first time in recorded state history, conservation is now mandatory for all residents, with the State Water Resources and Control Board instituting an immediate 25% reduction in drinkable urban water use as… Read More »

How About A Laugh Today?

Every Association Needs Election Rules, But Why? (via ECHO)

Executive Council of Homeowners – April 26, 2013 by Tyler Coffin Every Association Needs Election Rules, But Why? Even though the elections law (Civil Code sections 1363.03, 1363.04 and 1363.09) went into effect well over six years ago (July 2006), we still frequently come across associations without election rules in place. We often hear that… Read More »