Aging-Friendly Community


In 2010, CitiScape began an innovative partnership with San Francisco Village (SFV), a non-profit membership organization that empowers older adults to continue living in the homes and neighborhoods they love. SF Village members receive support and services that help them remain independent, connected and fully engaged as they age. In recent years, CitiScape property managers have received an increasing number of requests from older residents who need a little extra assistance with household chores, shopping, transportation, as well as information and referral. As a leader in Bay Area property management, CitiScape saw an opportunity to improve the quality of life for residents and their extended families by joining forces with SF Village.

Based on demographic data, approximately 20% of San Francisco’s population was over 60 years of age in 2008. By 2030 that number is projected to be 30%1. Older adults overwhelmingly prefer to remain in the homes and neighborhoods they love, living independently and in community. Members of SF Village realize they can’t do that alone. The Village helps members and their families navigate the transitions that come with getting older by offering friendship, expert guidance, services, support and fun!

  • SFV confers with experts in aging, whose practical advice about health, wellness, financial concerns, home safety and more provide roadmaps for the transitions ahead.
  • A network of volunteers helps members accomplish their goals. They offer help around the house, a ride to the doctor or the grocery store, someone to walk the dog, a check-in phone call or visit – the list is long.
  • SFV provides pre-screened referrals for services, some at reduced prices, when volunteers aren’t available – need a home healthcare provider, plumber, attorney, handy man? Give them a call.
  • Members keep their bodies and brains humming with stimulating panel discussions, talks, walks and outings. What fascinates you? The program possibilities are unlimited.
  • SFV members know how to have fun! They get together for member-led groups of all kinds: potluck suppers, play-reading and book groups, lunch and movie groups, museum and theater outings. Many a friendship has been forged over a Caesar salad, a bestseller or a grandchild’s photo.

SF Village launched in January 2009 and today has more than 200 members. They’re part of the village movement that’s catching fire all over the country. Currently there are over 10,000 members in more than 80 U.S. villages, with 120 more in development. SF Village is a place to belong, to matter to others, to be cared for beyond our immediate families, and to grow. Membership for CitiScape residents is FREE.

For more information on SF Village or the village movement, feel free to email Kevin Wiley at or Kate Hoepke at

Legislative Analyst Report, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, May 24, 2010

SF Village Vision Magazine Read It Takes A Village to Manage a Community by Kevin Wiley & Christabel Cheung [download pdf]


Rochelle LeBlanc, Producer/Host of the television show, “Let’s Talk,” recently interviewed Adrian Adams for her program.  The topic was the growing challenge associations face with aging residents.  He discussed the potential liability to associations posed by health and safety issues, memory loss problems and injuries to seniors.

To watch the interview, click on Let’s Talk with Rochelle LeBlanc.

lets talk

USA TODAY’s Sharon Jayson moderates discussion on aging. The session was part of the United States of Aging survey and Town Hall, sponsored by the National Council on Aging, United Health Care and USA TODAY.