Socher Insurance Agency
For over a quarter century, Socher Insurance Agency has been California’s leading insurance provider for homeowners associations and common interest developments. We thoroughly review your insurance needs, and whatever coverage that analysis indicates, Socher Insurance Agency provides you with the best carriers at the most competitive rate. We have access to over a dozen “A” rated, California admitted insurance carriers and three Risk Purchasing Groups. We comprehensively understand and proudly serve this industry better than anyone! For more information, please call us toll-free at 1-877-317-9300 or visit our website:


The Greg Norris Insurance Agency, Inc.
Greg Norris Insurance is a full service insurance agency offering auto, home, life and business insurance for the past 16 years. We specialize in insuring homeowners associations, and currently insure over 400 homeowners associations, both condominiums and planned unit developments.

Our office is set up with a dedicated service staff to properly service these accounts whether it be claims reporting, coverage questions or providing insurance documentation to lenders. We also offer supplemental condominium policies to unit owners to ensure complete coverage in the event of a loss. Contact us at: , or call our offices at (415) 331-6500.