Keen On Being Green

CitiScape is a green company. We are an affiliate member of Berkeley-based Build It Green, a non-profit membership organization whose mission is to promote healthy, energy and resource-efficient building practices. This membership represents our commitment to reduce CitiScape’s “carbon footprint” and encourage these practices in the properties we manage throughout the Bay Area. And here… Read More »

Pardon Our Dust: New Site Design for CitiScape

Over the next few days we will be engaged in the ongoing process of migrating our old website to a new revamped, design. Please check back over the next few days and weeks to see all sorts of improvements and additions. And in the meantime, we’ll be working hard to iron out the kinks and… Read More »

Shiny and New

CitiScape will be launching a redesigned website (and some other cool surprises) and it will be going live VERY soon. Check back in the coming weeks for the updated site.

Who Knew?

Get the Lowdown on High-Efficiency Toilets

High-Efficiency Toilets — Key to Water Conservation Efficient plumbing fixtures will continue to play an important role in the SFPUC’splans to meet conservation requirements and deliver a reliable water supply for future generations. Rebate incentives are available for the purchase of high efficiency toilets which use 60-80% less water than older water-guzzling models. Effective July… Read More »

Water Damage – Six Helpful Tips

Water damage is not the only issue that can cause unanticipated maintenance and big repair bills. In condominiums, it is the leading cause of interior damages. Whether it’s water leaking in from the outside through windows, siding or old roofs or the result of a plumbing problem, water travels. The further it goes, the more… Read More »

Safety Bulletin: Fire Safety – Kitchen Cooking

CitiScape’s Life Safety Department, headed up by retired San Francisco firefighters Fred Walsh and Paul Chin have issued a safety bulletin for March about fire safety while cooking in the kitchen. Here’s a link to the bulletin: Please pass it on – this information could help save lives!

Kids Tell Their Stories at Dogpatch Media Center

Kids Tell Their Stories at Dogpatch Media Center Last month, 200 people gathered at a suite in the American Industrial Center, on Third Street, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of BACYAT, a little-known Dogpatch jewel. BAYCAT, an acronym for the Bayview Hunters Point Center for Arts and Technology, offers education and employment to under-served youth,… Read More »

Homeowner Association Terminology 101: A Refresher

Homeowner Association Terminology 101: A Refresher Association Manager Advise and provide administrative, managerial, and operational counsel to the association governing body Exhibit professionalism and loyalty to the principal (the Board) Exercise diligence in performing duties on the principals behalf Account for financial activities covered by the Management Agreement Perform on-site property inspections Solicit and evaluate… Read More »

Did You Know… Included in our Professional Management, Personal Service, everyday, CitiScape can: Connect you to a live, warm & friendly Receptionist (imagine that?) – just call us @ 415-401-2000 – who will receive and route your call Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. Educate and Train board members new to their positions in a community… Read More »