Water Damage – Six Helpful Tips

Water damage is not the only issue that can cause unanticipated maintenance and big repair bills. In condominiums, it is the leading cause of interior damages. Whether it’s water leaking in from the outside through windows, siding or old roofs or the result of a plumbing problem, water travels. The further it goes, the more… Read More »

Homeowner Association Terminology 101: A Refresher

Homeowner Association Terminology 101: A Refresher Association Manager Advise and provide administrative, managerial, and operational counsel to the association governing body Exhibit professionalism and loyalty to the principal (the Board) Exercise diligence in performing duties on the principals behalf Account for financial activities covered by the Management Agreement Perform on-site property inspections Solicit and evaluate… Read More »

A GREAT Resource: Adamen, Inc.

Adamen, Inc. provides comprehensive information, counsel, and services to common interest development executives, managers, and affiliates. Click here to read the latest HOA ManagerNewsline Newsletter by Julie Adamen